Out of grief, comes good… My volunteer days at Camp Kita, August 2018.

“Strangers become friends, friends help strangers─in groups, we ride the waves.” ─Holly Thompson, “One Wave at a Time” When I finished fundraising this past spring (and completed the Boston Marathon), not only did I have PTSD from running in hyperthermic conditions and 35 MPH winds, I also felt like I wasn’t ready to ‘be done’ […]

Race Report

#63: 07/28/2018 — Revel Mount Hood Marathon (Oregon 4:58:45)

Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe this course: stunning, breathtaking, peaceful & amazing! Wow… and we love Oregon! Summer races are tough to come by—there are so few because of the temperatures. Revel announced the inaugural Mount Hood Marathon earlier in the year, and I instantly became tempted, but also terrified…since I injured myself from doing […]