Race Report

#78: 12/1/19 — Seattle Marathon (Washington: 5:22:55)

Finisher medal.

This was my third–and final–Seattle Marathon. The first year I did it, I loved it. The course was amazing, the organization was amazing, and the day was amazing. Last year when I did it, they changed the course and I thought it was okay. Just okay. This year? It’s pretty funny what happens to your race goals when you totally hate a race. I can honestly say, since changing this course, I hate this race. I felt like I was running through the ‘seashore junk yard’ the entire time, and with the 1,297 hairpin turns and out-and-backs, I hated it even more. Time to find a new Thanksgiving weekend race. We DID, however, love Seattle and even decided to visit Whistler the front-part of our trip. This made it all better.

About a month before, I decided to change our plans for this trip. Reilly had a successful first year of skiing the prior year, and Whistler opening day ‘just so happened to fall on Thanksgiving,’ so we decided to head north upon landing. We didn’t change our flights, we just changed our destination. We landed in Seattle and after a six hour flight (the day before Thanksgiving), drove four hours north to Whistler, British Columbia. Crossing the boarder was easy-peasy at 10 p.m. We arrived with no problems and went straight to bed. The boys were excited for their first day of skiing for the season! Whistler Village is a magical place, and I was super excited for the boys to experience it! They were making snow (didn’t have a whole bunch), but there was enough for these two to get two solid days of skiing in on Thursday and Friday!

We enjoyed our three days in Whistler! Nish and Reilly skied, and I shopped and relaxed. I did run one day. The front desk at the Westin gave me a route map: “run around the golf course–it’s beautiful.” I ran all the way out to the other side and when I was almost on my way back, I was startled by a woman. She was local to the village and worked there. I said, “OMG, you startled me–ha ha, I thought you were a bear (there were bear sighting signs everywhere).” She responded, “no, no bears on this side of the golf course, but whatever you do, do not go to the other side of the golf course [where I just came from]; there are five bears over there.” YIKES. The end on running around Whistler for me.

Reilly crushing the mountain on day one!

After our three days in Whistler, we enjoyed two final days in Seattle (and a crappy race). The beauty of this trip was what I call extreme family time. We get the most relaxation when we lock ourselves in a room for days on end. We enjoyed a fake Thanksgiving Dinner in Canada and even stopped in Vancouver to do a little shopping. We did like our trip and can’t wait to head back to the Pacific Northwest next year–this time, I’ll do one of the other many races offered that weekend. We’ll definitely hit up Whistler again as well!

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