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#77: 11/09/19 — Delaware Canal Half Marathon (2:12) & 11/10/19 Bucks County Marathon (4:55) — Home

My beautiful canal path.

I was looking for something close to home, and it doesn’t get any closer than this! 😳 I opted for the Buck County Race Series, “the Bucky Challenge!” It’s a half marathon Saturday and a full marathon Sunday! The race started 4 miles from my house. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. I was able to leave my house 30 minutes from starting time, park and start on time!

Oh look how far this is from home!

Not much to report on this weekend, just a snuggly weekend with Reilly (Nish was at the Cabin with the guys), where I squeezed in two races. Not going to lie, it felt weird paying for races on a course I train on, but the accountability was what I needed. Let’s be honest, I’m not doing a half and a full on my own anytime ever on the canal!

At the start of the half, it was 21 degrees. This started in Washington Crossing and went up to New Hope where we turned around. The full was supposed to be an out-and-back as well, but with the construction of the new hotel in New Hope, we couldn’t get past the 6.5 mile marker. Ugh. The start at the full on Sunday was 32 degrees. Two loops for a Marathon is rough. My goals were simple, under 2:15 for the half and under 5:00 for the full. My legs were a little sore starting the full on Sunday, but I was Ready for the challenge. I really do love the Canal, so it was an enjoyable weekend at home! Would maybe consider doing this again if I’m home. It truly is a “no frills” race.

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