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#73: 06/22/2019 — Catamount Ultra 50K (Vermont: 8:20:38)

The Catamount Ultra was hosted at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. Look 👀 at that sky on race morning!

Getting our Vermont fix on! Our choice for this weekend was a Phish show @ Merriweather in Maryland or a weekend in Stowe, Vermont. 🤔 We chose wisely.

It’s summer, so we decided to fly up Thursday night and work remotely Friday. I met Nish and Reilly at the airport in Burlington. We were super excited because we were looking at perfect weekend weather ahead (high 72, low 50). We had a weekend planned of running, kayaking, good coffee, micro-brew beers, ice cream and farm-to-table meals. Perfection.

Our weekend started with paying respects to my great grandmother’s grave, Helen Lamelle. She was so near and so dear to my heart. She live in Burlington until she was 86 years old when she moved into an apartment across the street from us in Baldwinsville for a few years. Then she shifted to assisted living close by where she lived until she died. (1903-1993). She was a spitfire. It was cool to visit her grave and talk about all the inequalities of the world during her lifetime. We cleaned her grave and planted some baby’s breath. I loved talking about her to Reilly and Nish and telling stories about what a stern woman she was.

We relocated to Stowe. It’s only about 45 minutes from Burlington, but with one rental car, I needed to be closer to the race so the boys weren’t stranded for the day.

The Catamount Ultra was located at the Trapp Family Lodge. This place is beautiful. Looking over and across the mountains in Vermont, I felt like I wanted to start singing and dancing. 😜 It felt very “Sound of Music-ish.”

I knew this was going to be a ridiculously tough race. Forget that this is 50K and I’m new to the distance, the course elevation is 4,500 foot gain/loss. We basically ran up a mountain. I went into this knowing it would be a miracle to finish in under 8 hours. In my 73 races, I’ve never, ever run this kind of elevation (almost a 5,000 foot gain). There were seasoned runners out there. I loved that out of the gate, almost every runner started power-hiking the first big climb. Such a different vibe than a road marathon. Took the stress out of it.

This race was hard. Really hard. It was two 15.5 mile loops. When I came in after my first loop, I was hoping that Nish and Reilly were there (as they were coming to get the car), but happy there were not. I totally could have thrown in the towel. I went out for loop two and dreaded the straight climb for the next six miles straight up the mountain. There was no possibility of running. No way. Too steep. I could hardly hike up it. 😳 🏔

While I was running, Nish and Reilly has coffee, breakfast and went kayaking at Waterbury State Park. Everyone was happy! They were at the finish line waiting for me, and I showed them the pint glass I earned. Didn’t even get a medal for my 31 miles. 🙄 I feel so cheated. The finisher award was a pint glass. 😳

Post race, we tried to fit it all in! We went to Prohibition Pig for a meal, then to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream. We found more fancy coffee, and even hit a farmer’s market. We loved our time in Vermont.

We enjoyed our last day. We visited our favorite pizza 🍕 joint, American Flatbread. Headed to the airport for our delayed flight only to see they serve Alchemist beer in the airport. Beer heaven for Nish. 🍺 ❤️ See you next winter, Vermont! Miss you already. 😭

At the airport on our journey home, can you believe they serve Alchemist beer.. IN THE AIRPORT? Bye-bye VT.
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