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#72: 05/26/2019 — Mountains 2 Beach Marathon (California: 4:40:44)

Reilly at Ventura Beach.

I am in love with this race. LOVE. Not only did I have a great time, the weather was perfect, the course was perfect and the volunteers and aid stations were perfect. This has been on my list for a few years. It sells out pretty quickly, so I wasn’t able to get in last year when I decided I wanted to do it. I am so glad we made the pilgrimage to Southern California.

We had planned to be there from Thursday through Monday. American Airlines threw us a 🔧 wrench and cancelled our flight at 7 a.m. on Thursday morning (…our flight was scheduled for 8:45 p.m. that night 🙄). We couldn’t get another flight until the next day, so we were bummed to lose a whole day from our long weekend. We re-booked for Friday and made the best of our super-short weekend.

When we landed in LAX, we had about an hour and a half drive to Ventura. We arrived at 9 p.m. local time and were exhausted. We stayed at the Marriott Ventura Beach. We loved this location and this cute little town. There was an In-N-Out Burger directly across the street from our hotel. YIKES and YUMMY!

Walking distance from our hotel. Danger. Nish had never had In-N-OUT.

Saturday was relaxing. We were, of course, jet lagged, but after we had our morning coffee in an amazing coffee shop, we picked up my bib, and we planned to do nothing but relax for the day at the pool.

Reilly enjoying his pastry and juice.
We spent the day before the race at the pool. It was so relaxing!

On to the race! The logistics were pretty easy. We were staying in downtown Ventura, so I was able to take a quick Uber to the bus that brought me to Ojai. It was a light mist of rain in the morning, which was fine by me, but if you know anything about the people from Southern California, rain freaks them out.

My goal for this race was to run it and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This was a gentle downhill course.

This course had a gentle 1,206 foot elevation loss with a 470 elevation gain along the route. Perfect course if you ask me!

Along the route, there were so many farms, trails and bike paths. This was the perfect course–not too crowded and so much change in scenery.

I finished up, and Nish and Reilly were at the finish line waiting for me. We had plans to meet up with the Iasillos later that day, Nish’s friend from grade school, shore and life.

Finish line smiles. Reilly shouted from the finish line, “Good job mommy, less than 5 hours. You did it!”
Things you take into the shower with you after a race.

We met the Iasillos at the Pier in Ventura. It was so nice spending the afternoon with them. The last time we saw them was there wedding–in Ventura, years earlier!

We enjoyed our weekend in Southern California! I even talked Nish into going back the next year since I loved the race so much. For next year, we hope our flight doesn’t get cancelled for no reason.

Views from our journey home! Bye-bye California…
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