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#68: 02/17/19 — The Lost Dutchman Marathon (Arizona: 5:03:41)

We watched the beautiful sunrise from the desert!

This was a bucket list kind of race. Now that I’m finished with all 50 states, my goal is to run the races in the beautiful places we want to see. We visited Phoenix a few years back when I ran Rock-n-Roll Pheonix. Like many of my volume runner bretheren, I’m done with The Rock-n-Roll race series. They’re not for me. :-). The Lost Dutchman is my kind of race: small, small and small!

We arrived in Phoenix and returned to the Marriott Tempe at the Buttes. This is one of Reilly’s favorite hotels. He has been asking to come back literally for 3 years. We took a picture of him under water just like the first time we stayed here. This hotel was very crowded on this holiday weekend. We definitely enjoyed the warm weather and cactus 🌵.

Getting to the race was easy. I took an Uber to the Rodeo grounds, which was about 45 minutes from the hotel. I got on the bus and they drove us out into the desert along the dirt road. It was really dark, and I was excited for the sun to come up to see the beautiful Superstition Mountains. When we arrived, there were mats for the runners to sit on and campfires to keep warm. 🔥 AMAZING! It was such a great way to start!

The race started along the Peralta Trail. It was a dirt road that was rolling hills. I stopped to many times to take pictures of the beautiful sun coming up.

The elevation of this race was about 2,000 feet. I STILL had a hard time breathing. I was like a panting dog on a hot day. It was manageable though. The elevation gain was about 600 feet and the elevation loss was about 1,058 feet. The course went from trail to road. The best part was definitely the trail, but even on the road was enjoyable because you saw the mountains the whole time.

I finished in 5:03. Eh. Two bathroom breaks. Multiple stops to take pictures and a few friendly conversations with fellow runners along the way. I definitely enjoyed this one. I’d love to go back. I didn’t love running at 2,000 feet, but I loved the uniqueness and small race feel.

Reilly picked out our new magnet. We didn’t have one fron Arizona. The magnet’s name is “Pricticia.” We have to water her only once a month. I hope she lives forever on our refrigerator! 🙃

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