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#66: 12/9/2018 — Dallas Marathon (Texas 5:05:12)

Deep in the heart of…

We love Dallas! We love the Dallas marathon! I did the Dallas Marathon last year (2018), and we decided that it was a great destination and great race for us in December. We flew in from PHL on Friday night, and because there are so many flights from Dallas to Philadelphia, we could leave late on Sunday (after the race because it’s hub to hub). There are so many great restaurants in Dallas. We landed on an Italian restaurant in Deep Ellum. If you’ve never been to Dallas, this is the ‘hot spot’ with restaurants, bars, music, etc. We remembered our favorite candy store too—post dinner. You can fill a bag with bulk candy. If you go to pay and the sales associate doesn’t think you’ve gotten your money’s worth, they’ll send you back to the bins to add more candy… “try some pixy sticks in the empty spaces in this bag. Plenty more room.” We stayed at the Downtown Marriott. Much to our surprise, we had some late night partiers. We had to call the front desk two times—once at 1:30 a.m. once at 2:45 a.m. Awesome.

As per the usual, I try to get myself to the starting line and hope that Nish and Reilly make it to the finish. We did not rent a car for this trip. When I was in the lobby, I saw other runners scrambling to leave. I, of course, offered them a ride in my Uber. One nice lady said, “We are driving, why don’t you ride with us!” I cancelled my Uber and I was off. I love the running community. Sometimes I just show up in the lobby hitchhiking for a ride—it works! Kavitha Kuma’s husband drove us to the starting area, and I was greeted by two of her amazing friends! Instantly, we started talking running and all things races. Deepika Solomon and I started off together—she was running the half. I told her that I would probably fall back pretty quickly, and sure enough, I lost her within the first 2 miles. What a lovely group of ladies! They probably talked me in to Dallas for 2019 already as well!

My goal for this race was simple. I just wanted to run without stopping. I wanted to run in under 5 hours, but after almost of year of tough conditions in running the last of my 50 states, I wanted a race that didn’t suck the life out of me. Dallas was just that—the race that doesn’t suck. The course is just beautiful. I love running around the lake. I love the easy logistics and “smaller race feel.” I love the crowd support. I love the weather. I love everything about this race. I didn’t finish in under 5 hours, and I’m okay with that. I had a great race day. The weather was excellent for December—it was 39 degrees and sunny! The course had a 467 feet of elevation gain and a 465 of elevation loss.

We had an enjoyable quick weekend in Dallas and an uneventful trip home.

10 miles of this race is around the lake! It was so beautiful, but 🌬 windy!
Rainy day in Texas… Reilly and I wrote love letters on the glass! ❤️
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