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#65: 11/25/2018 –Seattle Marathon (Washington 4:59:48)

Beautiful waterfront in Seattle!

This was my second time doing the Seattle Marathon, and I gotta tell you, I really love this race! There are so many positive elements about this one–that I’ll keep coming back:

(1) What’s a little misty rain when it’s always 45 degrees?  We actually didn’t have any rain on the day OF the race, but it ‘misted rain’ the whole time we were in Seattle.

(2) The best medium-sized race money can buy! Easy to get to. Big enough where you’re not alone on the course. Small enough where it thins out in the first mile. Easy to get out of–walk one block out and get a ride at the end of the race.

(3) Great course! I think it’s weird that they close the highway and we run on the highway for a little bit, but for real, it’s not bad.  No cars, no need to thin out the field.

We decided to travel in on Wednesday and spend Thanksgiving in Seattle. We stayed at the Seattle Waterfront Marriott.

Beautiful views from the marathon course!
Family needle 📷.
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