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#57: 02/18/2018 — A1A Fort Lauderdale Marathon (Florida: 05:49:52)

McNishs traveled down to Miami Beach over the holiday weekend.  This race starts at 6 a.m. in the morning.  I was planning on taking an Uber to the start around 4 a.m. Little did I know, the bars in Miami Beach close at 5 a.m. (who knew?).  I got outside to get my Uber, and not only was it surge pricing, it was also 20+ minutes waiting to GET an Uber. I decided to switch over to Lyft, and same dilemma. The cost was estimated at $100. It cost us only $35 to get from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami Beach. I finally decided to wave town a regular old yellow taxi cab.  I told him I needed to get to Fort Lauderdale for the marathon and how much for a flat fee. $65. Fine.

I got there and Jim was a lifesaver, again. He and his buddy Seth picked up my bib for me the day before. I dropped my stuff and hopped in the corral.  My goal was to have a slow and steady race. I really wanted to run the whole thing–especially since Bermuda was so hot and slow (and I ended up walking).  Dude. Hotter than hot. The first 10 miles were okay, but as soon as the sun came out, we were doomed. I ran this race entirely with Jim Diego. We decided to have fun and make funnies as running consistently wasn’t an option. We definitely had a PR (Party Run). I don’t usually drink beer during a marathon, but when I do, I’m with Jim Diego. 🙂

We mostly walked in the 85 degrees, sun and humidity. We really struggle toward the end with the head and humidity.

Because of this race, I decided to rethink my winter race strategy. I think I am going to find cooler temperature races for next winter. I was so mentally deflated for walking yet another scorching hot marathon.

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