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#56: 01/14/2018 — Bermuda Marathon (Bermuda: 5:39:18)

Who doesn’t love warm weather in January?  We traveled to Bermuda for this picturesque race. There were about 1,000 half marathoners and 92 marathoners. We all started together. It was a two loop course. Never a fan of the two loops, but with such beautiful scenery and warm weather, why not?  The first loop was amazing. There was one big hill, but overall the race was rolling hills.  The volunteers were great (…the first loop), the vibe was great (…the first loop). Just as I was coming in to finish my first loop, I was already planning our trip for next year’s marathon.  I passed the finish line on the left and started my second loop, and that is where the horror set in…the second loop. The race was closed to traffic the first loop. The race was OPEN to traffic the second loop. As I was starting my second loop, I was battling traffic. There were cars speeding by, honking their horns. With no shoulder and driving on the opposite side of the road, it was absolutely terrifying. There were only 93 marathoners on the second loop, so with being alone so often, it’s almost like the cars didn’t know there was a race going on. Its like the race hoopla was over after loop one and in loop two, you were trying to stay alive (and not get flattened by a car or bus). It was EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

Also disappointing was the fact that many of the volunteers packed it up second loop. There were no spectators second loop. It was hot second loop, and most importantly, I got lost the second loop. There were some turns and if you missed the arrow, you missed your turn.  I had to ask a local if I was on the right course. I was not. I missed my turn. The second loop made me hate this race.  I was so frustrated, I found some friends and walked.  What a total disappointment. Nish and Reilly took the bus into town to meet me at the finish. It was Sunday and almost everything was closed in town.  I cleaned up in the sink in the local public restroom, then we went to eat. We took the 45 minute bus back to our hotel (near the airport), then relaxed at the pool for the rest of the day.

We were scheduled to leave at 8 a.m. the next morning to get to school and work. We learned just as we were going to bed that there was an 8-hour delay to our flight. Awesome. We ended up missing school and work for another day, and hung out on the beach until the hotel kicked us out. They were closing for two weeks for maintenance. We ended up sitting at the airport for about six hours. There were no airport amenities, just one snackbar. Fine. We made it work.  We finally ended up getting home at midnight.  We loved Bermuda. We gave the race a thumbs down, and if we went again, we would stay closer to town.

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