Race Report

#55: 12/20/2017 — The Dallas BMW Marathon (Texas: 4:45:16)

As I say to Nish, “4:45 is the 4:30.”  Ha ha.  I loved this RACE. I LOVED it. I don’t even know why, but it was such a nicely organized race. I loved the energy on the course. It would have been funnier to wear an Eagles jersey though. There were a ton of people running in Dallas Cowboys gear.

I had a great day.  Let me start off by saying that SHALANE FLANNIGAN kicked off this race, and the race emcee announced that she would be handing out medals at the end. DUDE.  “Back of pack, middle of pack or only fasties? Who’s getting a medal from Shalane?”  That is what went through my brain the entire race. I tried to hustle as much as I could with the hopes of seeing Shalane at the finish line, and… it PAID OFF! She handed me my medal. I was like a star struck idiot. I fumbled for my phone and took like 10 pictures to make sure I had one good one.  I told her that ‘this was my fan face moment. I have been thinking about this the whole race. I was hoping she’d be here for middle of the pack. I can’t believe I’m meeting you Shalane.” I think she thought I was weird. I migh have even frightened her a little bit.  She looked at me and smiled. HA. It was so great!!

Dallas was a fun town. We will definitely go back and do this race again. The weather was perfect for December. Reilly and I did pre-race manicures and pedicures. We walked into a salon we found on Yelp, looked at each other in fear of filth, then walked out and found this place. What a lovely afternoon.  Also pictured is Nini flying home.  See you next year, Dallas!

Nini ready for flight.
Reilly and mommy enjoying pedicures.


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