Race Report

#54: 11/19/2017 — Route 66 Marathon (Oklahoma: 5:17:40)

Time: Slow

Conditions: Sunny

Summary: So much hype for this race, but there’s nothing special about it.  It was PACKED. It was nice becasue there were tons of Maniacs and the Maniacs had their own private area and own private porta-potties, but that was really it.  I felt like we were running through strip malls.  The whole race, I’m like, “where’s Route 66–are we running ON it?”  I finally saw it, we want under it for about 10 seconds. The gem of the race and running “Route 66” was running under it through an underpass.  Really?  The course is constant rolling hills. My legs were tired by mile 19 with the constant ups and downs, so I ended up walking it in. The overall experience was really just okay. I expected a lot more. This was a really hard race to get to as well. Don’t think I’ll be running this one again.

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