Race Report

#53: 11/05/2017 — New York City Marathon (New York: 4:44:19)

Time: 4:44:19

Conditions: Rain. Whole time. Slippery roads, chaiffed, wet.

Summary:  AIN’T NOTHING LIKE IT.  NOTHING.  There is absolutely no race like NYC. None. Getting to the start line was a nightmare. I thought I was a pro at this point–this was, after all, my 3rd NYC marathon. We stayed at Paul & Christian’s, and I opted for the Staten Island Ferry. When I got to the Ferry, I was pleasanlty surprised at how quickly the herds of people were moving.  I got right on the Ferry, and we took off. When I got off the Ferry, that’s where the speedbump came in.  We waiting in line getting off the Ferry to get ON a bus to the starting area for AN HOUR AND A HALF. UGH.  No bathrooms, just wall-to-wall people.  As I was coming OFF the Ferry, I turned my head and saw a woman that was ‘my new client’ for the project we kicked off two weeks early. As I was talking to her, I realized that one of the woman with her, was the woman who took the fundraising offer for Project Renewal. She obtained her bib through another friend of ours and the post I made making the charity bib avaialble.  Small world, funny story.  Hanging with these ladies made the hour and a half go by fast.

When I made it to the start, they were calling ‘last call’ for Wave 4 Corrals–so I hopped in the last blue Corral. I basically hopped in with the way back of the pack. I didn’t stretch. I didn’t get to go to the bathroom. I just started running.  I weaved through runners for the first 8 miles. It rained the entire time. Waited for a bathroom for 4 minutes.

What I love about NYC and what I forget, is that there are people…non stop. I listen to music when I run, and you don’t need it. I get so emotional with this race becasue it was my first, and running it again after 8 years, I was hoping it was still one of my favorites.  Yes, yes it is.  I was soaking we and filled with emotion. I had three selfie stops along the way:

  1. Julia in Queens, right before going over the Queensboro Bridge
  2. Nora & Kate on 1st Avenue–with SIGN–MY OWN SIGN!
  3. Donna on 103 and 1st–love Donna.

I was chaiffed, soaking wet and just so happy. What a great race! Expensive, but worth it!

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