Race Report

#52: 10/21/2017 — Baltimore Running Festival (Maryland: 5:25:27)

Time: Slow as molasses.

Conditions: Perfect fall day.

Summary: TMI ALERT: In all of my years perfecting my nutrition, I failed on this day. I had serious GI issues the first half, and subsequently, SEVEN bathroom breaks (UGH). The course ran right by our hotel, and surprisingly enough, Nish and Reilly were out there. I stopped and told them, I didn’t know if I could keep going becasue of my GI issues. Nish looks at me like, “come hell or highwater, you’re walking this thing–we’re not coming back to Baltimore.”  He asks, what do you need? I tell him, probably some Immodium. 😐  He and reilly look to their left, and what do you know, there’s a CVS–on the course.  We walk down there, Nish runs in and buys the FAST ACTING liquid.  He comes out (runners passing by me laughing), pours a giant cup of it in the cup they give you, and I chug it. I have never taken that stuff until that moment. I truly felt like, I may never go to the bathroom again I drank so much.  Welp, it worked, 20 minutes later, I was good to go. That was a half-hour ordeal with all the bathroom breaks and medicin pit stop.

What I liked about Baltimore is that it is an extremly diverse city (all walks of life), and EVERY walk of life was out there cheering. I was so impressed with the amenities, the hydration stations, the food offerings throughout the course.  I believe they have a really large ‘half marathoner population,’ but they really know how to put on a race. The course was very hilly (1,050 elevation gain/loss). The support on this course was by far almost the best I have ever seen. There were so many bathrooms, so many volunteers, so many Gu GELS and BLOCKS, so much (rightly mixed) Gatorade, chips, pretzels, multiple aid tents, and on-and-on. This city truly embraces this race. It was an enjoyable runner experience (other than the ‘fire in the hole.’). I would do it again, for sure!

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