Race Report

#51: 10/01/2017 — Maine Marathon (Maine: 5:27:40)

Time: 5:27:40

Conditions: Beautiful!

Summary: DOUBLE. DOUBLE. DOUBLE. DOUBLE.  Marathon Saturday, Marathon Sunday.  This was my first double. It was very crowded at the start with half marathoners. They thinned out after mile 6. The course for the half was beautiful with water views. The course for the second half was okay. This was moderately hilly. The volunteers were great. The course support was great. The organization was great. Most races I am middle of pack, but having run this as a double, I was back of pack. The back of the pack is so disappointing. Cars were let back on the road and. The water stations were closing up. The excitement is gone. 🙂  HOWEVER… Amy Flynn and her family showed up at the 25th mile, and OMG. I teared up.  I loved seeing her at the end of 52 miles. It was so amazing.  I hugged her and cried.

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