Race Report

#50: 09/30/2017 — New Hampshire Marathon (New Hampshire: 5:20:14)

Time: 5:20:14

Conditions: Rain, hills, trafficy road.

Summary:  DOUBLE. DOUBLE. DOUBLE. DOUBLE.  Two marathons, one Saturday, one Sunday!!  This was my first double. Running around the lake was beautiful, however, we battled traffic the entire course. In some areas, we were running in single file in a very small shoulder on a busy road. This was unsettling. There were not cones, just “runners on the road” signs. This was also very hilly. The gain/loss was around 1,000 feet. It rained for the first 16 miles. Volunteers were great. Medal was the weakest medal I have received yet. So small and so insignificant. Wouldn’t run this one again.

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