Race Report

#45: 06/03/2017 — Sunburst Marathon (Indiana: 5:03:33)

Time: 5:03:33

Conditions:  SMELLY, HOT

Summary: This was not a great experience for me. My flight was so delayed the night before, I had only about 4 hours of sleep before the race. I need more. The race was small. The course was okay. It went along the St. Joseph river, and for about a 4-mile stretch, there air quality was horrid. It smelled like dead animal, pollution and who knows what. With that, I threw-up around mile 6. I am an easy gagger and the stench made me gag so much.  I had a really hard time recovering from the lack of fresh air. Met a new friend–Eric T. Olson–and did a walk/run for about 10 miles. Just wasn’t a great race for me.

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