Race Report

#43: 04/23/2017 — Garmin Oz Marathon (Kansas: 4:33:37)

Time: 4:33:37

Conditions: Sunny and beautiful

Summary:Β This race is advertised as a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme, but it is really no frills. The only Wizard of Oz representation is the medal. It was VERY windy. It is also a very hilly course. 890 gain and 920 loss. Not flat. The weather was pleasant. The first half was difficult with all the half marathoners. Brutal actually. The second half was enjoyable thinned out and on a beautiful running trail. The Gatorade was too watered down, but they had GU and stuff at every single water stop. PARKING IS A NIGHTMARE. I was there an hour early and it took an hour with the traffic.

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