Race Report

#38: 11/26/2016 — Stennis Space Center Marathon (Mississippi: 4:49:35)

Time: 4:49:35


Summary: I hated this race so much. The course was the dumbest idea ever. Here I am thinking, “space center–I’ll see space stuff; maybe a rocket ship?”  NO. SPACE WASTE. This was like running through space metal or a junk yard. It was a two loop course and by mile 20 I was done with how stupid of a race this was. There were no chips. The race director spindled the numbers as you crossed the finish line.  When I crossed, he was like, “are you sticking around for the rewards?”  Me. “no.”  My inside voice: “this is the stupidest race ever the course was horrific. No. I don’t care who won anything. I hate this race so much.”  So I leave.

Two weeks later, I get a plaque in the mail. I won for my age group.

I look at the results. Guess how many runners in my age group?  One. Me.

Dumb race.

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