Race Report

#29: 04/30/2016 — Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon (Tennessee: 4:47:22)

Time: 4:47:22

Conditions: Rain at the start, then nice cool temperatures.

Summary: I pulled my back a week and a half earlier. It was so bad, not only did I not go to work a day or two, I could not run.  I couldn’t even bend over to put shoes on.  I am very pleased with this time considering I was really ‘down for the count.’  I traveled here with Anna, Stacey and Bekkah.  Stacey did a mini evaluation on race day and returned a, ‘you can do it, just take it easy.’  Me: but can you put my shoes on for me?!  I was prepared to DNF if needed, but the slow pace actually helped loosen me up a little.  Took it super easy and finished.  These Rock ‘n’ Roll races are something else. They draw ‘new runners.’  At mile 11, I saw a woman that didn’t want to spend 5 minutes going to the bathroom so she _______ herself.  What’s the matter with people?!  Disgusting and something I will never forget.

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