Race Report

#27: 03/13/2016 — Asheville Marathon (North Carolina: 5:26:00)

Time: 5:26:00

Conditions: Rain, mud, slop, and more down-pouring rain.

Summary:  As of this moment, I hated this race like no other.  I hated this race. HATED. It was pouring rain and really, this should have been called a trail race. 3 to 4 inches of mud, giant rocks, slippery hills up and down. I didn’t sign up for trail.  I don’t like trail. My ankles were killing me from the uneven surface, so I had to walk. I forgot my headphones. I forgot a baseball hat.  I had no music. I had water beating up my eyeballs for 5+ hours.  Stuff it, Asheville.

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