Race Report

#13: 12/06/14 – Rehoboth Beach Marathon (Delaware: 4:49:31)

Time: 4:49:31

Conditions: Cool December day.

Summary: I decided to run this race and for the first time, run two races within weeks of each other.  Bucks County Marathon and Rehoboth Beach Marathon were about four weeks apart. This was the first time doing this.  I went into this race with tons of energy and high-hopes.  The distance was still ‘renewed’ to me, so my routine was off.  The night before, we drove from Yardley to Ocean City, MD.  There were no good food choices along the way, so I figured we’d do a chain, as long as I could get rice or pasta.  We stopped at Red Robin with hopes of plain pasta as we were almost fresh out of options and it was getting late. Guess what? No pasta at Red Robin. UGH.  I was at a loss. I couldn’t even get a baked potato.  I decided on the salmon–what a BAD idea.  Without going into details, I had by 6th bathroom break by mile 9.  I was screwed for this race.  The weather was nice. It was clear blue skies, but this course felt like a spiderweb. It was out-and back, out-and-back, out-and-back.  We were looping around and passing through the same spots what felt like 5 times.  It was quite annoying.

Around mile 11, I decided that I think this would warrant my second DNF.  I couldn’t control the bathroom breaks, and to be quite honest, they were too far apart for my situation.  I pulled out my phone during my disgruntled walk (not run), and I was trying to figure out where the heck the start line was–which was also the finish line–and also where I parked my car.  Along my right side, this dude comes up and asks if I’m okay and if I need help.  Yeah I need help.  I have direction deficit disorder and I have no idea where my stupid car is for me to walk of this stupid spider-web of a course.  Mike was his name. He was a fellow marathon maniac.  I was new to the club and new to the gear.  I tell mike, at the risk of oversharing, I am ready to find the finish line because… “I was having an issue.” He asks if I need medial attention, “no.”  He asks if I need to know where the finish line is, “yup, sure do.”  He then says, “i know where it is.”  I’m looking to my left and right and pointing out of the spider-web, and he says, “nope.”  “It’s straight ahead, follow me.”

You so funny, Mike.

Mike.  Was not going to let me walk off. 🙂

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