Race Report

#11: 09/30/2012 – Berlin Marathon (Germany: 5:05:45)

Time: 5:05:45

Conditions: Perfect, sunny, beautiful!

Summary:  This was a tough race for me. My hamstring tendonitis has finally gotten the best of me. Michelle Blumreich and I decided to do this race almost a year earlier. I took the summer off to try and heal from the tendonitis. I wasn’t able to get my mileage up to run a good race.  My goal for this race was to finish.  Michelle and I ran together until mile 11. She was trained-up and ready for a PR, so we split off.  I decided to take it easy, enjoy the streets of Berlin and not hurt myself more.  I was in so much pain by mile 18.  The streets were croweded. It was difficult to run on cobblestone, but it was a beatiful day and a great race.  My walk/run brought me back to Michelle around mile 21. She had suffered GI issues, so we were together again!  We ran together through the end and crossed the finish line together.  This will be my last attempt to run injured.  I must heal.

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