Race Report

#7: 05/01/2011 – New Jersey Marathon (New Jersey: 4:12:14)

Time: 4:12:14

Conditions: Hot. Really hot.

Summary: I hated this race.  Never again. They posted the gun time as chip time on official scores, so I actually should have started running when the gun went off instead of one last port-a-pottie visit.  The water situation was horrific.  They filled trashcans with water from a garden hose–then the volunteers dunked their hands in the trash can to fill the water glasses.  The runners not only got tainted, dirty water, they also got PVC-flavored water.  I saw Nish at mile 7 and asked him to find a spot along the course fast with some Gatorade.  Nona & Grandpa were along the Boardwalk with Reilly somewhere around mile 15.  That was the only good thing about this race.



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